12 April 2016

Updates - London Expat Life

Last week...what a week! It was brilliant, full of yummy dinners, catch ups with friends and loads more. While my blog posts are in the pipeline, I thought I'd share tid-bits from my week, I might even make this a regular thing, who knows?

So what did I get up to...?

TLDR: Flatmate dinners, catch ups with friends over delicious authentic Thai food (blog post coming up), new challenges, escape rooms, socials, book hauls, secret projects, breath taking views, train rides, cute villages, and finding out why in the past ladies actually wanted to get a rolling pin from their sweetheart sailors! I promise, it wasn't so they could clobber them over the head with it.

The longer version:
One of the things I quite enjoyed last week was catching up with a couple of my friends over some delicious Thai food. We all met up, chatted away over our hot and sour Tom Yum soup and other dishes. I've found a spot in west London that is as authentic as it gets - this was my third visit and I kind of want to keep it to myself but have decided to let you in on it, coz, you know, I kinda like you all. Stay tuned for the full post.

Ok so I don't want to lose you with this 'new challenges' one so bear with me. Tuesday was my first foray into running thanks to the encouragement of my friend K (you're a total start K!) – but don’t worry, I'm not going to turn into a crazy fitness fanatic, I've just always enjoyed running and thought it'd be nice to be able to do a City Dash event without losing my breath in the first 30 seconds. I only managed the first two runs (a minute each with a walking break between them) without dying losing my breath...lol! Baby steps! Baby steps!

You may have noticed I have a thing for Escape Rooms...sort of like my thing with Immersive Theatre...but I promise, the escape room on Friday was all about introducing K's hubby into that world, it had absolutely nothing to do with my addiction enthusiastic interest in wanting to check out how Hint Hunt fared against other games I've played...nothing at all! We escaped by the way :)

After feeling very restless on Saturday that resulted in a charity shop book splurge (4 books!), on Sunday I took a day trip out to cute town with a sketchy past. I learned about Rye's maritime ties and smuggler history, walked the old banks of the river and found out about those rolling pins. It was great to chill out on the train ride down and watch the rolling green countryside go by dotted with sheep, lambs and rabbits! I'm planning a post for this one too.

So yeah, it was a pretty busy week. Its not always like that, even as an expat (four years and counting), knowing there is so much to see and do in London, sometimes its hard to fend off the couch but as the score stands, starting this week, Sam 1, couch nil.

Have a great week!


  1. Hooray for you for throwing yourself into London life. I am annoyed at myself for living in Sydney for 10 years and not seeing more. Now that I am in Melbourne I plan to change this !I really enjoy your updates. Maybe we can catch up for a coffee when I visit London in August !

    1. Absolutely! Would love to meet for a coffee :)

  2. What a lovely roundup!

  3. Lovely post and photo. :)

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    1. They are addictive! Choose wisely ;)