27 February 2016

Dawn breakfast at Duck and Waffle

Lets start with yes, I'm crazy, and no, I'm not a morning person...This is the truth about what really happens when you go to a dawn breakfast at Duck and Waffle, London's highest restaurant sitting on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower.

9.43pm (eve of) Get into bed & set alarm for 4am. Your phone almost dies in shock. Curse your cockamamie ideas.
9.51pm Snug and warm in bed, realise you haven't packed your camera, don't get up, switch your watch to your other wrist so it's a reminder in the morning.
4.00am (day of) Alarm goes off. Swear. Hit snooze....Hit snooze a few times actually.
4.15am Roll out of bed. Swear again because the hearings not on. Turn heating on, get back into bed.
4.30am Sh*t, you're probably going to run late. Roll unwillingly out of bed. Grumble. Get ready in a frenzy and bolt out the door.
4.50am Text friend and ask how many times she has cursed you this morning.
4.52am Friend texts back. 'Maybe just twice since I got up'. Could be worse.
5.10am Realise too late that you forgot your camera* and swear on the bus. Get odd looks from the only two other people on bus.
5.17am OMG you can actually get a seat on the tube! Damn, forgot to bring a book.
5.20am Moan on Twitter that you forgot your camera. Twitter cares. Twitter loves you.
5.30am Scare Warn Duck and Waffle on Twitter about your caffeine-less state and tell them to ready the flat whites!
5.50am Geez it's quiet. And why are there other people around? They can't all be going to Duck and Waffle. Are they crazy?
5.53am Crap, still at Bank. You're going to be late. Swear, quietly.
6.02am Its still dark outside. You're definitely late. Stop and take a photo anyway.
6.04am Made it! Say hello to equally crazy friend. Order a coffee STAT. Hide the crazy till it arrives.
6.09am Wow. Its really something up here....

6.30am Oh crap, I cant eat all that.




7.15am Order a second coffee. You need a second coffee. The first one is just to keep you awake, the second is so you can function.
7.30am Defeated by a waffle :(

8.00am Grumble about having to go in to work. Have epiphany that work pays for Duck and Waffle and other crazy ideas. Take grumbling back and replace with grudging acceptance.
8.30am Arrive at work, gloat to workmates. Bump up grudging acceptance to "it's not so bad really". Don't worry, it doesn't last.

*A big thank you to R @wildgastronomy for lending me her phone to take some pics and lending me her pics!


  1. Hahah it looks amazing but gosh I don't think I could do it!! We went in the evening but I do want to make it for breakfast one day!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. That's what I thought! You can do it!

  2. It looks so amazing! I'll definitely do it one day :)

    1. Angie you are the queen of eating out, how have you not done this?

  3. Yum! This sounds like so much fun! I was bummed we weren't able to get in when we visited London a couple years ago, but hopefully we will next time!

    1. Rachel, your one crazy girl, but thats ok, we like crazy girls here :) I hope you get a table next time!

  4. Now this is a brilliant reconstruction! :D

  5. @wildgastronomy2:01 pm

    Once you get past the pre-coffee cursing, it's totally worth it :) What a spectacular way to start an ordinary weekday.

  6. I liked the way you have written your story here with some amazing snapshots. Totally agree with you that the first coffee is just to keep us awake, the second is so we can function.

    1. Thanks Dia :) Yep, one should never under caffeinate, especially where early mornings are concerned!

  7. It looks sooo lovely up there. After our great experience at SkyGarden, I'm super keen to go to Duck and Waffle.

    1. We'll have to trade notes as I haven't been to SkyGarden yet.