29 October 2015

Wroclaw by Dwarf

Editor note: Madness has ensued at Globetrotter Postcards, the dwarves of Wroclaw are staging a takeover, guest posting and showcasing their favourite parts of their city.

Before I let them loose however, lets just get one thing sorted so you don't cause any offence to these Wroclaw residents...just how exactly do you pronounce Wroclaw? Honeslty, it was one of the most difficult things I had to wrap my head around while I was in Wroclaw! Seriously. Up until I went I'd been saying 'rock-law'. Erm. Turns out it's pronounced v-rots-wav. How on earth was I supposed to guess that? The W is a V, C is a TS and the L is a W - so nice and simple ;) Now we've gotten that out of the way, on to the dwarf guides!

Wroclovek, please, keep these guys in line won't you?

Wroclovek Dwarf

Greetings! You, with the abnormally bulbous nose, come closer, you will not want to miss this once in a life time opportunity to be guided around our fair city of Wroclaw by its mischief making inhabitants. First up is our flower-snorting, head-in-the-clouds, Friendly dwarf.

Friendly Dwarf

Wroclaw with the sun out makes everything shiny and pretty and sparkly and wonderful! There is nothing I love more than sitting in square chatting with everyone and admiring the pastel colours of the buildings. But for a really pretty view, on a clear day I'll magic myself up to the top of St Elizabeth's Tower. Everyone else has to take the 300 steps to the top...hahaha...its good to be a dwarf. But like it said, its so pretty, and you get a nice view of all of Wroclaw. Anyway, stop by when you're here, I just might give you a flower to sniff too.

St Elizabeth's Tower

View of the main square fro St Elizabeth's tower

View from St Elizabeth's Tower over the Odra towards Ostrow Tumski

Wroclaw Old Town Hall in the Rynek (square)

The Rynek (main square)

Looking for flowers? The smaller Plaza Solny next to the Rynek has loads. Sniffing is free. But all flowers need good homes.

Arcik the Traveller Dwarf

Arcik the Traveller dwarf here, I've been to my share of places. Travelled the world, been high and low eaten more weird things than I'd care to admit and let me tell you, despite what the other dwarfs say, I'm not a jaded traveller. Sometimes I just like to go places where I can relax, and I don't have to run around seeing things. There's nothing wrong with that is there? Mmm...yum, those Pierogi have my name on them...Speaking of which, Gourmet dwarf...get over here.

Gourmet Dwarf

*buuuurp* 'scuse me! The food here is oh so rich. But oh so yummy. It might not be your thing, not many salads here but your find the pillowy deliciousness of pierogis that Traveller Dwarf was talking about. They come in all sorts of fillings, mushrooms, cheese, beef and peppers, even sweet fillings too, you can have them steamed baked or pan fried, you can have a mix, order 3, 5 or 9! And oh, there is perfectly cooked duck, delicious lamb cutlets in a bean sauce that is both barbecue-y and tangy and rich and potato dumplings and smoked goats cheese and fat juicy steaks...you like food don't you? Who doesn't really. They'd be mad, MAD! Those taste-bud teasing, tantalising, tempting morsels of food...*drool* 'scuse me! *giggle* There are a number of places to eat here, the best I've had is at Piwnica Świdnicka - its actually really interesting on the inside, different sections with different themes. Quite the place to have a delicious meal.

One of the sections of the Piwnica Świdnicka restaurant

Piwnica Świdnicka

Pod Fredra restaurant

Pod Fredra restaurant decor

It's a fascinating book, really. You should read it sometime, its called the "Merits of floppy hats in Education". But I suppose you're not here about my book. You want to know about Wroclaw. Well, when I don't have my nose stuck in a book, I like to go for a walk along the Odra river. I start from the northern side of most Pokuju (Pokuju bridge) and walk through Ostrow Tumski (the old town), sometimes stopping at the Garden Cafe overlooking a lovely...garden, or spotting a lamplighter, before continuing my walk across the bridges and islands back to the university. I don't quite tire of seeing the view of the college lit up at night and reflected in the water.

Wyspa Piasek

Tumski bridge

But sometimes I wont go that far and stop by the market (Hala Targowa) to pick up some fruit or something sweet. Occasionally I might have a cheeky drink or filled potato at the Targowa Craft Beer bar next door.

Fruit and Veg stall at the Hala Targowa (market)
Inside the Hala Targowa

I haven't done it yet, but I bet that in the summer it'd be nice to take a cruise along the river too. In the meantime, I settle for walking the city at night. It really is quite charming when aglow with amber light.

St. Mary Magdalene Church
St Elizabeth's Tower at night
Wroclaw Rynek (main square) at night

Tourist Dwarf

Hello there! I'm Tourist Dwarf, by name and nature. Gosh I love meeting new people! How are you? Are you a tourist too? What have you seen so far? Are you interested in Wroclaw? Of course you are! So let me tell you a secret. The real attraction of Wroclaw is us Dwarves. There are around 300 of us! You can spot us dotted all over the city going about our business. But we're always happy to stop for a photo, we are not camera shy at all. Finding us is a fun for the kids and the whole family. Here are a few more of us...

Well that about wraps it up for now, I hope you enjoyed us guiding you around our city, and you haven't minded us taking over Sam's blog this week. If you have any questions about Wroclaw just ask us in the comments below, in the meantime, I hope to see you in Wroclaw soon!! Do widzenia!