05 September 2015

London life lately

It seems that I have finally fallen off the blogging bandwagon despite my New Year's resolution. Life has been busy since coming back from my trip to France and blogging has unfortunately taken a back seat. So just what have I been up to?

On the food front, coz really, London is full of great food spots, I've been brunching at beautiful Pachamama on Marylebone High Street, having the most melt in your mouth BEEF ribs at Lord Wargrave off Edgeware Road, and visited Sushi Samba for a second time - it was as delicious as my first taste.

But no busy London life is complete without a trying out one of the latest Escape Room games (this one with a bit of creepy twist), following a white rabbit to Alices Adventrues Underground (for a second time!), and having a taster session at the Heartbreak Hotel.

And lets not forget the Art Deco beauty of Eltham Palace and stepping through the doors of Downton Abbey before flying off to Dublin for the Bank Holiday before coming back and then going to Londons first Diner En Blanc on Thursday which was amazing! Whew. I'm exhausted just recapping all that! I'm itching to share all this with you but for today, I'm going to slow down, head out to one of my fav chill out spots, grab a cup of tea and some cake and just relax with a good book.

What have you been up to lately?

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