13 September 2015

Tell me something about you?

Hello to all my awesome readers! You know, earlier today I took a gander at an interesting bit of info about my blog which showed me where all my readers are from. It kinda made me even more curious than usual about all you guys and I wanted to write a small something today to say "Hey, hows it going?" So...

Hey, hows it going? :) What brings you to my humble little nook of the Internet? And who the heck are you? Kidding. I know the majority of you prefer to be anonymous, but still, I'd love it if you dropped me a hello and told me something about yourself? Maybe something really important...like your favourite colour, or maybe which ice-cream flavour you like most? Yeah that. What ice-cream is your favourite?? Or you could tell me what your dream travel destination is?

Since you probably know all about my travels, I'll tell you about my fav ice-cream ;) When I was home in 2013/2014 I loved having a Golden Gaytime (yes its what they're really called), or even a raspberry split. In the UK, the best ice cream I had was when I went to visit a friend in Devon, sour cherry ice cream. I still dream about it. But I wont say no to good ol' chocolate and vanilla ice cream either - who would?

Anyway, have a great week guys, and honestly, THANK YOU so much for stopping by and having a read. If you're a regular, or just stop by every once in a while, it means a lot and it totally makes my day :) You all rock!


  1. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Kinder Bueno ice cream from Fortes in swanage, Dorset is my favourite. I live in the UK, holiday in the UK and like reading of travel adventures everywhere.

    1. Hey! Totally chuffed you stopped by! Ive got a huge grin on my face right now.
      I didn't even know there was Kinder Bueno ice cream...Swanage eh? *adds to list* Glad my travels made it to your reading list, just brilliant :)

    2. Hi Sam. I discovered your blog wen you approached me to use my London bus sketch as your logo. You don't know how exciting that was for me !

      I follow your blog ( and my Mum does too) as you see discover and share so any fascinating things in London and I am continually adding them to my Must See list for my next visit to London. I hope it will be next year and to catch up with you then.

      I dont really like ice cream but my favourite is Ginger icecream , I first discovered it in New Caledonia.

    3. Hi Alissa. Aw, it was pretty exciting for me too :)

      Cant belive your mum reads too (Hello Alissa's mum!). So glad im finding things that interest you and I definately hope to catch up too.

      Ginger ice cream! Cant imagine what that ones like!

  2. Well, I'm a wannabe-princess, ninja-clue solver and goody goody gum drops ice cream lover!

    1. Lol! You know, you did sleep in a castle with a four-poster bed so I think you qualify as princess now :)