26 May 2015

Vine leaves, Roman Amphitheatre and Family - Amman, Jordan

After a whirlwind few days packed with family, emotions, catch ups over delicious home cooked Syrian food and very little sleep, I landed back into London yesterday.

Tabouli, stuffed vine leaves and Okra

I was in Amman, Jordan. It was a very last minute trip, more family oriented than a travelling and sight seeing one. But I couldnt resist doing at least one 'touristy' thing - I went to see the Roman Amphitheatre. Ive already been to Petra, and I would have liked to have visited again but it just wasnt the best option time wise. The dead sea is also on my list. Oh that never ending travel list!

Ammans Roman Amphitheatre

A smaller rebuilt amphitheatre next to the large Roman one

This is what the area used to look like...see the pile of rubble on the left...you can just make out the smaller amphitheatre steps - quite the restoration job dont you think?

Amman is an old city that is modernising very fast. The amphitheatre sits next to a modern park/plaza, which is overlooked by crumbling houses, which have expensive high-end cars parked out front, that compete with yellow taxis and white 'shared' taxis that operate like buses along a given route. You can be set down on a sidewalk that has a footbridge that takes up the entire space but a block away is 6-8 story mall complete with indoor electric go-carting drift track. Its a worn out cliche but Amman is really a city of contrasts.

One of the cars with local guys celebrating the Jordanian Independance day

Road side stall selling all sorts of lights and lanterns

It also happens to have been Ammans first post office too

But all of that was just the back drop to being able to see my mum and brother, its been over a year since I last saw them. I alsohad the chance to catch up with my aunt and uncle and their families, and meet my little cousins. I also put my rusty arabic to some practice. It really is quite shocking to realise how much I forget! I have to relearn how to express myself and communicate while knowing exactly what I want to say in English, frustrating!

Whirlwind as it was, when I arrived home yesterday, all I could manage was to fall into bed and sleep. But it was wonderful and totally worth it.

Have you ever done any crazy last-minute trips?


  1. Hugs are definitely worth travelling for, definitely!

  2. What a fantastic last minute trip; Amman is fabulous isn't it! So glad you got to see your family again xx

  3. Thank you so much for this post - using it as ammunition to help my case for why we need to visit Jordan ASAP! It's only an hour and a half from us :-)

    Looks like a wonderful trip :-)

    Polly xx

    1. Brilliant, happy to help. Im guessing that Petra is on your list too?