19 May 2015

Macaron and Mews

Adventure caps on and sweet teeth at the ready people, I'm taking you on a virtual macaron tour, that's macaron with one 'o'. And all these years I've been saying 'macaroon', silly me. The Macaron and Mews tour combines three things I enjoy, exploring London, discovering cute little mews and sweet treats. Is it wrong to like macarons, in part, just because they are colourful? (The correct answer I'm looking for is no ;) )

Our lovely and insightful tour guide, Yannick, took us around Belgravia and Knightsbridge. There were hidden mews, tiny pubs, cobblestone streets, window boxes overflowing with flowers, small courtyards and the most adorable houses and cottages just a street or two away from bustling main roads!

I could. not. stop. taking photos of all the little mews we went through.

We were blessed with good weather, and really, there are afternoon teas, quirky cafes, but, with (hopefully) better weather coming our way, I like to take full advantage of being outdoors and  enjoying the sun. So munching on a delicious macaron while gawking at admiring all the cute mews houses was perfect.

Speaking of munching macarons...

My favourite stop of the tour had to be Pierre Herme where I sampled the Envie macaron - a vanilla, violet and blackcurrant fabulous fusion of flavours creating a fairy tale-esq bite-sized dream. I may have fallen in love with the Envie.

It didn't hurt matters that we pretty much had the shop to ourselves and the attendant was super-nice, and chatted to us about the flavours and what was coming up in the world of macarons and Pierre Herme. But, no sooner had I had a bite of my first macaron of the tour, than I found myself itching to move on to the next macaron stop. Let me at 'em!

Yannick was great, he knew when to be patient and when we wanted to move on so the pacing of macaron, factoids and mews was perfect for our group. We went to a few more macaron stops, our biggest dilemma being which flavours to choose (ah, first world problems) and restraining ourselves long enough to take some photos.

Even with a sweet tooth like mine, with 5 macaron stops (all macarons included in the price of the tour!), I did end up having to saving a macaron for later. Not a bad thing, I made it into a treat later with a cup of tea :)

I'm not sure if I enjoyed exploring the hidden mews or eating macarons more. What I do know is that I felt like my 'explore London' batteries were recharged and I'd love to go and explore the mews again and try some more macaron flavours.

Do you have a favourite macaron flavour? Whats your favourite sweet treat?


  1. I was totally delicious! Lovely seeing you that day.
    Lots of love,

    1. It was! And you are so very generous to save one for your hubby!
      Lovely seeing you too!

  2. The pictures look absolutely gorgeous...I love all the colors. Also, I'm really hungry after reading this haha

    1. Thanks Jordan! The sunny day and colourful macarons did all the hard work. Hehe - as good an excuse as any to have something sweet ;)