20 April 2015

Thou shalt not covet Mayfair - Bloggers games night

Last week I was invited to a bloggers games night by Legal and General. It was a chilled night of Monopoly, meeting new bloggers, pizza and drinks. And, of course, coveting other players property.

I cant remember the last time I played a board game. A physical board game. There's something about the feel of the dice, paper money and figures, that just makes it more enjoyable than tapping buttons on a screen.

This group of bloggers got so excited, I kept jumping from their exuberant outbursts just behind me. I don't think I've ever seen anyone happy to own bits of cardboard or collect 8 Monopoly dollars in rent.

It was a fun night & property buying has never been so affordable in London! Kinda made me want to do a games night with friends.

Have you ever been to a games night?


  1. I've been banned from playing board games, apparently I get a little over competitive... oops!

    1. Really? I cant imagine you getting that competitive!