19 January 2015

Kitties and cake

Late Friday night at work I found myself looking at an empty Saturday - not that I mind that. But somehow, from a forgotten to do list subconscious, I found my fingers tapping away and finding an empty afternoon tea spot for one at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium.

Petra asleep, Artemis looking disdainfully at a guest keen to brush her and Carbonelle, also asleep

Petra now has my heart. So do all the other cats at  Lady Dinah's cat cafe. I whiled away an hour and a half with watching self propelling furballs (aka cats) sleep and play while drinking tea and eating scones.

Petra eyeing a bit of string off camera

Petra asleep in  the window

I have been wanting to visit Lady Dinah's cat cafe from when she was still trying to find a suitable location and getting all the necessary permits. I wasn't the only one, when the cafe was finally opened, it was booked out for MONTHS! It still gets booked out, but its not so bad if you are on your own or with a friend or two.

1)Wookie's tail (he's also in the very first photo at the top) 2) Didn't get this little ones name 3) Biscuit

Before being shown my table, I was asked to wash my hands and informed of the house rules. They are not as strict as the cat cafe in Tokyo, but essentially, the welfare of the cats was of the utmost importance. As it should be really.

1) Romeo and Donnie 2) Biscuit and Romeo 3) Donnie, Mue (also known as 'Mamma' coz shes the mum to 7 of these cats)

My seat was downstairs but I was free to wander round, make friends and play with the cats that were awake and take lots of photos. The cats were snoozing in their perches or wandering around making sure everything was in order. The youngest kittens were very affectionate and would pick someone to sit next to and befriend to the utter delight of the chosen person.

Downstairs at Lady Dinah's

This little kitten surprised this guest with a cuddle.

The staff were lovely, friendly and happy to talk about the cats and tell you about their personalities, their preferred pats and how they liked to play.

Romeo fast asleep in his hammock.

I really cant think of anything more relaxing that chilling out in a cafe filled with warm, sometimes playful, sometimes snoozing, fuzzy things.

Would you visit a cat cafe?


  1. I've been dying to visit Lady Dinah's - but you're the first person that I know of who's been. I'm so glad it's just as awesome as it sounds...I'll definitely be making a trip there soon!

    1. Hi Elle, Im glad it was that good too! Be careful when you go though, those cats will steal your heart!

  2. Isn't it cuuuuute!!

  3. Ah, I love Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium! I went there shortly after it first opened, and am really hoping to visit again soon. Great pics xxx

    1. It is a lovely place. I'd love to go again soon too.