13 October 2014

Why all the boxes??

Moving. All those boxes, the packing, the lifting, the not knowing which box you put that item in (unless you're organised and you accurately label the boxes), the leaving of the known into the unknown.

I moved, on Saturday, to my new home. One where I hope to be a long time. This new home comes with a couple  of flatmates, one English girl, C, who I have been getting to know over the past couple of days and one who, on Sunday morning was so excited to see a new person in the house, she peed on the carpet, sending me into a fit of laughter and C into mortification. I'm talking about a dog of course. A 6 month old jack russell  pup. She is such a cutie!

Last week was manic, between working late, trying to organize the move and getting eye-strain (all day and night in front of a screen, at work, at home, on my mobile, will do that apparently), left me no time for blogging.

I still need to unpack properly, my stuff is in boxes on the floor, and buy a few things. But, I hope that as I settle in to my new home, to catch up. I've so much to tell you! And I can't wait to get stuck into reading all my fav blogs again. Virtual hug people!

What have you been up to lately? Do you have a packing/unpacking ritual?


  1. Good luck unpacking! Nope, no rituals - I just procrastinate way too much!

  2. Phew, so glad the peeing roomie was a dog! I was worried for a sec that youu'd moved in with some wierdos. Glad to know you've got a home now and no longer in that nasty hostel. Hope you're settling in well and that we get to catchup again soon!