15 September 2014

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Kew Gardens, I finally made it to see you.

And i'm so happy I did. You are beautiful, varied, an oasis in London.

Your conservatories evoke Victorian London.

I envy your beautiful blooming beds buzzing with bees and bursting with brightly coloured flowers.

A cup of tea and cake at the Orangery, sitting in the sun, a green lawn stretching in front disolves away the hectic week.

The very strict 'no you cant use the loo, we're closed' policy, when your still closing, for a paying customer, is the only thing to ruin an otherwise lovely stroll through your acres of gardens, under the branches of trees, past ponds of water and almost endless grounds.

A few hours of exploration are both plenty and too little - i'll be back.

Kew Gardens Website
Admission is £15 for Adults, Kids under 16 are free.
Opening times vary depending on season but details can be found here.
The Gardens are very, very large and have three gates accessible to different stations. The Victorian gate is best for the Princess of Wales Conservatory and pond, Elizabeth gate is best for Kew Palace and the Orangery and the Lion Gate is best for the Pagoda. Details here.


  1. So pretty. What do you reckon though - worth the £15?? I haven't been yet and really do want to, but I am away for the next 5 weekends and scared it won't be like it is in the summer time!

    1. Wow, arent you a busy bee?!
      It is a bit of a price to pay (I got it for half price via an ArtFund card) but they are really well maintained and worth it if you are going for a full day.

  2. Kew is a beautiful oasis - worth every penny! Gorgeous photos...!

    1. Thanks Emma. It really is hard to believe its in London!

  3. Pleasure to see you at such a nice and amazing place every tourist and botanist will love to visit. Nice to see some good clicks of the garden effortlessly from your blog.