19 September 2014

Friday Favs #1

Who doesn't like Fridays? I love em. In fact, I love them so much that Thursdays are starting to look good. Anyway, thought I'd share a little snippet of things I enjoyed this week :)

Meeting Mandy
I have been wanting to meet Mandy of Emm in London for ages and finally this week we met for a coffee and a chat. Ive met some wonderful people through this blog and Mandy was as lovely as I thought she would be. She is sweet, friendly and has a zest for life in London. We chatted away a couple of hours without even realising it! Was great meeting you Mandy!

Blog Post
Sammy is another lovely blogger. I enjoyed trawling her posts about her recent trip to Morrocco, especially the one on feeling safe in Marrakech. Its great for a fresh, honest perspective and a bit of a giggle at the end.

Looking forward to seeing this on my own Lisbon trip in November. Did I mention I was going to Lisbon? Finally!!

Since tearing through the Hunger Games trilogy, I've been keen on seeing the movies. I cant wait for the new Hunger Games - The Mockingjay movie. Bit annoyed its in two parts though. Will just have to wait and see if its worth the split.

This week I started reading Neil Gaimans Neverwhere. He is one of my absolute favourite authors for sheer quirkiness, imagination mixed in with reality, colourful characters and laugh-out-loud humour. I'm halfway through it and loving every word. Its one of those books I cant put down, yet don't want to finish, because I know I wont find another book like it again.

What have you enjoyed this week?


  1. It was awesome meeting you too! We must do it again soon! I loved the Hunger Games trilogy too and am definitely looking forward to the next film(s)!

    1. Ooh! We should go see it together when it comes out!

  2. Lovely post! Never read Neil Gaiman and now I'm dying to finish my current novel (The Goldfinch, which is amazing by the way) so that I can get started on 'Neverwhere'!!

    1. You wont see London the same ever again if you do!
      Will have to put Goldfinch on my list.