18 August 2014

Finding a Flat in London

My Saturday was spent being stood up by a real estate agent, viewing one property and registering with more real estate agents. Now things have settled with work, and im no longer tearing my hair out, im on to the next stressor – finding a place to call home.

This is my third time one the property hunt in London. The first time I was looking for a flatshare, the second I was looking for my own place and this time, this time I'd like my own place again but am also considering going into an existing flat share or setting up my own.

Anyway, why am I bothering you with all this? Well, I figured I'd share some of my tips for finding a flat in London. I know I've touched on this before but, its different when you are actually going through it. So I thought i'd create a mini-series for tips to finding a flat in London. First up...

Globetrotter Postcards tips for finding a flat in London.

This is for anyone, single or couple, trying to find a flat of their own (not sharing with anyone).

  1. Dont rely on property websites like Zoopla or Right Move - Get your butt down to the area you want to move to, find the local real estate agencies and register with several of them.
  2. If you are new to the area, take some time to walk around and see what its like. Go a different times, an area will have a different feel during the day versus at nightand from weekend to weekday
  3. Give yourself lots of time to look, at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Most properties come on to the market about a month before they are ready to be let, so if you leave it too late, you wont find many properties available for your move in date.
  4. Go to a lot of viewings to get an idea of what your budget can get you. This will help you make an offer then and there when you find a place you like ....which leads me to...
  5. If you like a place, put an offer on it straight away, dont wait. Good properties in London get snapped up almost as soon as they are placed on the market. By the time you have thought it over the next day, someone else has taken it.
  6. When viewing a property, check for double glazed windows and the water pressure. Ask about average monthly bills, neighbours and possible upcoming construction.
  7. Be realistic with your budget. London is expensive and there is a lot of competition from tenants.The closer to central London, the more expensive properties will be. Proximity to publich transport will also impact price.
  8. Be realistic with your 'must have' list. Know what you will and wont compromise on - and let me tell you, unless you have a massive budget, you will have to compromise!

If you have any tips for navigating flat hunting in London or if you have any questions, let me know in the comments!


  1. best of luck finding a flat!! finding apartments and homes and then the paperwork are probably not my favorite part of the process.. but making it a home is definitely exciting!! :)

    1. Hi Esther!
      Thank you! I'll need it, the market moves so fast here. But youre right, i will have fun settling in once all is said and done.
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting :)