22 May 2014

Escaping the city, a country spell in Devon

I have escaped London for a few days.

At the moment, I'm sitting on a bench in my friends sunny garden in Devon. Just beyond the bottom of the garden I can see an open field edged by trees and fluffs of sheep and lamb dotted through it. Don't believe me? This is my current view...

Its quiet, super quiet. Nothing is interrupting the peace except the baa-ing of the sheep. After a bit of a manic three days studying for a British, work-related certification culminating in an exam, I'm happy to sit here in the warm sun and just relax.

My friend and her mum have been super nice and have asked me to stay with them for a couple of nights. Earlier they took me to Sidmouth for their legendary sour cherry ice cream (I swear, it was so good I wanted to moosh my face with it), and a walk along the seafront.

It was a pebbly beach but I did get to see some of those beach huts. I can now count 2 beaches I've been to in the UK, YAY! Unfortunately I didn't try any local seafood as it was a brief stop. Maybe on the next visit. The coast line is quite dramatic, huge cliffs tower above the sea and the soil is a deep reddish brown which is churned up on choppy days like today.

Tonight my friend is taking me into Exeter for dinner and who knows what we'll get up tomorrow - I suppose it depends on the weather.

Where will you be escaping to this bank holiday weekend?


  1. It sounds like paradise Sam and I definitely need to try that sour cherry ice cream one day!!!

    1. OMG, you HAVE to try that ice cream! Its unbelievably good! Id love to go to Devon again. It seems like a dream now!