12 May 2014

Artisan Coffee, Putney

Approaching Artisan, I'm welcomed by a sign that strikes my coffee loving core with serious and profound truth. I have found my home.

Inside Artisan is a line for the coffee. It's a large warm space filled with wooden tables to share and cluster around over coffee, cake or toasties.

I order my flat white and toastie and take a seat with my friend. It's the second time I'm there that week and I'm eager for the smooth taste of their delicious coffee. The owners are an English and Australian couple and they have brought their love of good coffee to Putney in southwest London.

The waitress brings my coffee and sandwich with a smile and I take my first sip and am surprised. It tastes different to the one I had a few days ago, still good but slightly stronger and sharper with a slightly bitter aftertaste. I'm not sure if it's the batch of beans or a different barista. Thankfully it's still good and tastes a lot better than your average London coffee.

I sip my coffee, munch on my toastie and people watch. Some are there with a book, some are there catching up with friends even a few mums pop in with their little ones in prams. Its a nice vibe, relaxed and friendly. I like it. Putney's coffee haven. If your closer to Stamford Brook, there is one there too.


  1. There are so many fantastic Kiwi & Aussie coffee shops opening up in London - absolutely amazing!

    1. Thank the coffee Gods for that. Im not sure i could survive without the Antipodean coffee shops.

  2. What lovely writing. I felt like I was sitting in there with you! I could practically smell the aromas of coffee and steam.