15 May 2014

Let's go to the seaside...

Elouera beach, Sydney
When I think of the UK, beaches are not the first thing that come to mind. I see culture, countryside, history and old towns. I know it does have beaches, and I have been to Brighton, but it's simply not the first things that pops into my head.

Brighton beach
Beach Hut Life (BHL) have asked me to share a cool infographic about some of the UKs seaside destinations and some foodie options, both posh and nosh*. So, as it is slowly warming up in the UK and, in keeping with my urge to explore more of London and the UK, I figure, why not explore its beaches this year? Anyone interested in joining me in checking out some of these seaside towns and eats? Drop me an email ;)

Usually, beaches remind me of home. Long sandy beaches and coastal walks to find hidden bays, but I'm keen to learn more about the UK traditions of going to the seaside. For me, food plays a big part of my tradition of a day by the sea. In Sydney, no visit to the beach is complete, without fish and chips wrapped in butchers paper and eaten over looking the water while fighting off hungry, hovering seagulls.

Bondi beach, Sydney

However, having a look at some of the seaside foodie options in the UK, I'm a little stumped...Whelk? Dressed crab? All I know of "Whelk" is that Harry Potter's aunt Marge ate a funny one in the first book.

What do you usually go for when at the beach?

*Note: while BHL have asked me to share this infographic, I have not been comped, I just like helping out new companies, and why not one that promotes those iconic beach huts?


  1. I have some very windy and rainy memories of UK beaches as a child. Nothing like our beautiful beaches in S Africa. Here in the UK we always have some cockles and a hearty fish and chips for lunch.

    I would love to go on a beach outing!

    1. It is quite a contrast! both visits to Brighton were windy for me too. I dont think ive had cockles, im going have to try all this unusual beach fare.

      Yay! Definately would be fun to have you along. Im thinking Leigh-on-Sea as its a closer destination. Have you been?

  2. Fish and chips with seagulls around always reminds me of home! Doesn't feel like a proper trip to the beach without them :)

    1. So true - they are ballsy little thiefs too!

  3. I just don't understand the British wind breakers - the shield-ey things that Brits try to salvage bad days at the beach with...
    That said, chips on the beach is an iconic part of any sunny break!

    1. Yep, chips and a day at the beach go hand-in-hand, couldnt agree more :)