26 May 2014

Top Secret. Classified. Do NOT read!

There are only 31 seconds left, ticking down ominously. Flash enters the code as I read out the numbers. A pause. The keypad light flashes orange. Wrong code. How could we be so close and fail to evacuate at the last second? No mission goes smoothly but we did shut down Mr Blacks operation. That's all that matters. Now we just need to get out. 20 seconds. I look at my agents. Would we make it?

The radio cackles..."Agents, we have been informed that there is no 79, just 7". Saved! Flash punches the numbers into the keypad. Euphoria as it lights up green and all of us stumble into the corridor laughing and meeting our handler, Jules. We have just managed to escape the room at ClueQuest's most recent room "Operation Black Sheep". 

It was an absolutely mental hour of clue finding, code breaking, riddles, brain teasers, teamwork, laughter and non-stop fun. Our brains were going a mile a minute, the cogs turning at high speeds fit to burst that, in the end, all my friends brain could manage was an "ouch" in the team log.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to head to ClueQuest.co.uk and book you and your team into Operation Black Sheep. Be prepared. This is not for the fickle or the flighty. You must have your wits about you as you enter Mr Blacks lair. Full briefing will be given by your handler on arrival. This message wont self destruct but will be here to nag you to go and book forever. Don't keep Mr Q waiting.

ClueQuest is a company that has brought the "Escape the Room" gaming concept to real life. They have built rooms, created stories, codes, clues and basically, an unforgettable event. I don't want to give away too much but if you like a challenge, I cannot recommend this place enough. It is definitely one of the more quirky and unusual things to do in London. And no, this wasn't a sponsored post. I really did just love the experience that much.

Have a go and let me know what you think!