29 April 2014

Best Australian Blogs - Peoples Choice Award


Just a quick post today to ask a teeny favour.

I love writing for all of you out there and I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and life as an expat in London. If this little blog of mine has given you any enjoyment I would be super happy and warm and fuzzy all over if you voted for it in the Australian Writers Centre Best Blog 'Peoples Choice' Awards!

Just click on the fabulous button below to get started or follow this linky direct to the survey site. Voting closes 5th May! Just a little tip, you will need to click next a couple of times before you find my blog name listed.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank You. Thank you. Thank you! Im totally sending you oodles of good vibes right now :)


  1. Of course I will vote for you. An excellent, fun and well written blog !

    1. Thats very sweet, thank you Alissa :)