10 March 2014

What I have been up to in Sydney.

Ive been back at home in Sydney for about 4 months and 2 weeks now (yes I'm counting) and thought I'd share a bit about what i have been up to - aside from missing my friends and life in London.

Street art in Glebe

Friends and Family
I have been spending a lot of time having coffees, lunches, dinners and other catch ups with my friends and my family. Its been nice to see what everyone has been up to while I've been away and just enjoy good conversation and company.

Coffee and Food
I am appreciating the brilliant coffee here more than i used to. You would be hard pressed to find a place that does a bad flat white. Sure you can find good coffee in London - but you have to LOOK for it - here, any cafe will have a good cuppa.

As for the food its fresh, flavoursome and healthy. Plus i find that Sydney does Asian food really well (outside of south-east Asia of course), probably due to its proximity and the large south-east Asian community here. I have been gorging myself on Thai, Japanese (sushi mainly) and Vietnamese.

Yummy Vietnamese Pho

Australia is famed for its beaches and, having escaped the London winter, i have been making the most of Sydney beaches. Some of the weather has been a bit crappy recently with lots of overcast days but i have still been able to get loads of sun. I'm planning on hitting Bondi Beach this week if the weather cooperates. Keep an eye on my twitter for pics.

Manly Beach
Relaxing & Books
There is nothing i love more than getting engrossed in a book. Ive been devouring about a book a week if not more (i think i finished the Hunger Games trilogy in a week). Curling up with a good book is my favourite way to relax and unwind.

A cafe in Balmain

Visiting old haunt and exploring a bit more of Sydney
I have enjoyed being a regular again at one of my favourite cafes and some coffee shops. I love the familiarity of such things. At the same time i have been trying to explore bits of the city that have previously escaped me such as the area around Balmain, the deeper heart of the Botanic Gardens, the State Library of NSW, Annandale, Glebe among others. It made me aware of how much i have seen and pleased that there are still tiny bits i haven't.

Mrs Macquaries Chair - a popular Sydney Lookout

Oh, and a bit of a silly one, Cotton On. Its a clothing store and I just love their pjs. They are super comfy, light, have decent colours and patterns and best of all are really affordable - almost Primark affordable.

What would you do if you were home?


  1. I would be having a bowl of pho fer sure! The beef and Asian food here isn't that good. Whilst I am not terribly homesick, posts like yours do remind me that I am not there. :(

    1. Mmm, Sydney does have it good when it comes to Asian food. As for Pho, have you tried "Pho" on Wardour St in Soho? There is one in Shepherds Bush too.