24 March 2014

Jenolan Caves, Blue Mountains

Before I left for London in 2012, there was one thing I wanted to tick of my list of touristy things to do in my own backyard - visit the Jenolan Caves. They are limestone caves in the Blue Mountains about 2.5 hours outside of Sydney. They are a bit pricey to visit but they are worth it. And here is a tip, if you want to book 2 tours, which can easily be done in a day, you get the second for half price. By the way, this is NOT a sponsored post.


I went twice because there are just so many caves to choose from, each stunning in its own right, and some, like the diamond cave, are more intimate tours to cave with less common formations. They also hold night tours and classical concerts in some! If you're a little more adventurous, they do a number of adventure caving tours. Cant say I have tried them but if its your thing, give it a go and let me know :)

Some of the delicate formation in the Diamond Cave...they are not quite sure why these are growing this way.
Going through the caves is not for the claustrophobic or with mobility issues. I found myself climbing stairs that were as steep as ladders, walking through narrow passages and going down into goodness knows where...kidding, there was always a guide and paths are lit but still, if you are not keen on dark small spaces, maybe skip this one. or take a tour of the larger caves. Also keep in mind that you might need to stoop or duck occasionally if you are tall.


I found it facinating to hear that the stalacites grow at a rate of, on average, 10 to 11 millimetres every 120 to 130 years! Now looking at some of the photos here, try to image that. Its a bit hard to wrap your head around the scale and just how old the formations in these caves are.

Dont be fooled...this pool is a LOT deeper than it looks.
After I'd finished my tour of the caves, I spotted this guy just chilling by the small dam. The colour of the water is NOT photoshopped, it is naturally like that after filtering through the limestone. There was also the Devils Coach House to explore...have a look at the scale of this place, see the people in the bottom left hand corner? Sometimes people use this space for weddings.

Getting to the Jenolan Caves is best done by driving - you do get nice views of country NSW on the way. Some coach companies offer a direct service from Sydney and there is also a service that runs from the Katoomba train station. Have a look here for details. If you are visiting Sydney and would like to visit the caves, be sure to look at the official Jenolan Caves website.

I did enjoy exploring the Jenolan Caves. It was so different to anything else i've done. Also, they are some of the oldest in the world and it is just amazing to me how long it takes for the simplest of formations...you could live a thousand years and only see marginal change. Puts things in perspective dont you think?

Have you been somewhere that has changed your perspective?


  1. It's so easy not to explore your own backyard, I'm super guilty of this.
    How gorgeous! Do you have a favourite one?

    1. Ditto - i tried to change it while here but failed miserably.
      Its hard to pick a favourite but i did love the "shawl" caves (2nd & 3rd photos) which are part of the Lucas Cave tour and seeing the underground pools is especially surreal.