27 March 2014

Day trips from London: London to Hampton Court Palace

King Henry VIII is surrounded by courtiers who are not quite dressed right. But he is not offended. He talks to them and tells his story as a woman, yet unseen, quietly approaches listening to what he is saying. She is a Boleyn and she is not happy. 

It's is fun to watch these actors in full period costume bring to life court scenes from the infamous life of King Henry VIII in Hampton Court Palace, where it all happened. They wander from courtyard to Great Hall to the Kings private chambers and other rooms bringing to life history in all its scandalous glory. 

Hampton Court Great Hall
I've seen many palaces at this stage and there are a lot of similarities but this is the oldest Tudor Palace in England. As always, I like to find spots that I really enjoy. So, in that spirit, here are a few of my favourite spots at Hampton Court Palace. 

Hampton Court kitchen fireplace
The Maze - I mean who could pass up getting lost in a real maze? I made it to the middle. After a wrong turn or two. Or maybe a bit more.

The Gardens - on a sunny day you can pack a picnic and enjoy the landscaped gardens complete with fountain. The pruned trees reminded me of umbrellas.

The Chapel Royal - The chapel itself is pretty but what really makes it is the beautiful ceiling, a deep blue dotted with gold stars. I could look at for hours.

The Kitchens - made to cater for giants. I kid you not - well maybe I kid you a little. They have massive fireplaces that could fit several cows easily and loads of space for other types of dishes.

Hampton Court Main Entrance - ticket sales are on the left where you see the people.

So, on to the useful bits to help you wander around this Palace with your feet.

Tips for visiting Hampton Court Palace
  • If you are a Historic Royal Palaces (HRP) member then entrance is free! If not, just note that buying your ticket online is £1.15 cheaper for an Adult.
  • Trains to Hampton Court (HMC) depart from London Waterloo Rail station and trips are approx 30mins. Its also worthwhile to note that there is a direct train (no changes required) every half hour.
  • Hampton Court is an easy 5 minutes walk from the rail station and the view from the bridge is impressive.
  • You can drive there from London - the trip can take about as long as the train ride and there is parking on site for £1 to £1.5 per hour
  • You can also buy tickets to the Maze or Gardens without access to the Palace if you have already been, they are usually cheaper.
  • Hampton Court official website
  • Girl In London's guide on how to plan a day or weekend trip.
 Have you been to Hampton Court? What is your favourite spot?


  1. I'll definitely have to visit the gardens on a sunny day. This looks like a really great place to visit!

    1. Yes, a sunny day makes all the difference - do let me know what you think when you go. Thanks for stopping by!