24 February 2014

Sherlock Holmes Museum, London

Its a busy London street, traffic zooms by as i wait at the lights and look at the entrance to number 221b Baker St. It is, perhaps, the most famous address for a fictional character, and a well known one at that, Sherlock Holmes.

To the right of the entrance is the shop where i pick up my ticket. The shop itself is interesting and in keeping with Sherlock's era. There are all sorts of things you can buy but what really catches my eye is the back room where the ceiling is glass (like a conservatory) letting in lots of light and, around the edges there are scenes painted from the many mysteries and cases solved by the famous detective.

Stepping back out on the street i show my ticket to the police officer standing guard at the door to number 221b and notice that he is fact an actor dressed as a police officer. I'm shown in to the narrow hallway and plunged into the museum which has been created inside a typical London terrace and in keeping with Sherlock's late Victorian era.

The first set of rooms are Sherlock Holmes's bedroom and living quarters, upstairs is a Dr Watson's bedroom and Mrs Hudson's living quarters. On the last floor the museum has utilised the rooms to display scenes from Sherlock's cases. There is also an "attic" Victorian bathroom that i managed to squeeze up to.

Sherlock Holmes living room
Sherlock Holmes bedroom
Dr Watson's room
Mrs Hudson's room

The museum is great if you are looking for something different to do around London. Its great in its attention to detail from Sherlock's pipes to the weapons used/found in some of his cases.

If you have read the books, it's a nice insight to what his rooms would  have been like if he was real.

Have you been to this museum? Did you enjoy it?

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