13 February 2014

Day Trip from London: London to Brighton (Issue #2)

There are loads of places within easy reach of London. This series aims to showcase day trips trips I have done myself out of London whilst providing tips so you can make the trip too. So, if you are a curious traveller, a London expat or simply wondering what are some good day trips from London, keep an eye out for this series. If preferred, some of these destinations can be done as a weekend away.

Day trip: London to Brighton

I hope you all enjoyed the first instalment of this issue last week and are back for more. This week I'll be taking you all to the seaside :) Virtually, of course. And I know its not the best weather for it (both of my trips to Brighton were overcast and windy), at least its not raining.

Brighton is a popular escape from London. Hop on a train at London's Victoria or London Bridge rail stations and in an hour you will find yourself by the seaside overlooking the English Channel.

The first time i went, my friend had planned the whole thing. Exiting the station we heading straight down the road towards the sea - i can tell you, it was a sight for sore eyes. There was something about being close to the sea that was calming and refreshing especially after being landlocked for a while.

Arriving at the shore, the view of the old pier was eerily beautiful. The old pier (known as the West Pier) was closed due to high maintenance costs. It fell into disrepair and then was victim to storms, and fires that brought it to its current skeletal state. In an old photo it does look beautiful, its such a shame how such things happen.

We poked around the the galleries and shops along the lower promenade of the Brighton Pier before heading up and walking along the pier itself. The Victorian pier has an old world fairground atmosphere. It has sweet stalls, games, a fortune teller, rides and, inside, has a bunch of arcade games and slot machines where you can easily lighten your pockets.

Leaving the Pier behind we walked up through the Lanes and detoured to see the famous Brighton Pavilion. Both times i was in Brighton i didn't actually go in but i intend to next time!! It is stunning from the outside and was the seaside Palace of George IV.

In need of food at this stage we headed to the North Laines and were hit with a blast of colour and a buzzing vibe. We found a cafe ordered and sat to soak in the alternative feel of the area. There was a strong village vibe full of people, cafes, markets and shops. I really enjoyed this part of Brighton and didn't even expect to find such a place there. It reminded me a bit of Camden in London, only more chilled.

Luckily the North Laines is only a short walk from the rail station so, content with our outing, we hopped on a train back home to London.

  • Brighton Pier
  • Brighton Pavilion
  • North Laines (Sydney St is a must)
  • The Lanes
  • The shops under the beachside Victorian arches of the promenade

Travel Tips for London to Brighton:
  • Trip duration is approximately an hour.
  • Trains depart from London Bridge and Victoria Rail stations
  • Be sure to purchase a ticket to Brighton (East Sussex) - BTN
  • Visit the North Laines first as they close earlier than the The Lanes. Take Trafalgar St to the left when you exit the station and then a right on to Sydney St.
  • Unless it is a very hot day, take something warm (jacket or a scarf) on to the pier, it can get cool out at the end than it is on shore.
  • Brighton website and free Walking guides - link.

Have you been to Brighton? Have a tip or highlight to share? Just put it in the comments!


  1. Oh wow, I have never visited Brighton before but your post has made me really keen. I love the look of the Brighton Pavilion and would love to visit the beach on a hot, sunny day.

    1. So happy to have inspired you. The pavillion is lovely and i do want to visit it too - maybe on a hot sunny day like you said next time :) Do let me know how you find it when you do go.