02 January 2014

Travel wishlist for 2014

Today I'll be linking up with the lovely Emma and Kelly for their 2014 Travel wish list, planning and inspiration.

After travelling to a fair few destinations last year, across the Atlantic, in Europe and even in my own backyard (a.k.a London) I'm keen to do more, see more and experience all I can this year. So here is my travel wish list - its what comes to mind at the moment but I'm sure it'll grow and morph into something totally unexpected by the end of the year.

In and around London I'd love to finally get my butt to the Kew Gardens. I've been wanting to go for ages but just never made it there. Another item on my wish list is a canal boat ride. I love the walk from Little Venice to Camden Markets and would be happy to have one of these pretty boats cruise me there.

Outside of London there are so many choices. It would be great to fit in more of the beautiful English countryside, maybe take a trip to the New Forest, explore the Lakes District, the Peaks District or Snowdonia. I wouldn't mind stopping in York or Edinburgh again, they are a favourite!

Old aquaduct somewhere on the road from Edinburgh to the Lake Windermere

Portugal, Berlin, Granada are some places in Europe i'd like to visit. I think both Portugal and Granada would be great weekend escapes to seek out precious rays of sun. Hmm...i'm thinking Russia would be great for something totally different.

Further afield on my travel bucket list there is the Great Wall of China. I have been wanting to do that for ages. India too - though India is a big trip so will most likely leave it for another year. Other places are Vietnam or Cambodia. I'm not sure if I'll get that far this year but this is a travel wish list right?

Manhattan skyline taken from the Brooklyn Bridge

I had such a great time when i was in New York last year, I didn't nearly have enough time so another trip there would be a real treat! Rio is a city i have heard nothing but rave reviews about, the people, the lifestyle, the vibe and buzz of the city, it makes for an alluring destination and it is rapidly climbing up my travel wish list.

I also might try to give Morocco a go, or perhaps Tunisia. I almost made it to Morocco last year but changed my mind in favour of a destination further up on my bucket list...what can i say, time is precious and sometimes you just cant fit in everything you wish. 

York Minster Cathedral taken from the original city walls

Anyway, I think thats more than enough dreaming about places to go for this year dont you? Realistically speaking, i'll be happy making to just a few of these this year, after all, any travel is an absolute blessing and treat!

Whats on your travel wishlist for 2014?


  1. What a fabulous list! I found myself nodding my head enthusiastically with all your choices. I loved the Lake District and Snowdonia and can absolutely recommend Kew Gardens. We went to the Alhambra Palace in Granada on our honeymoon - make sure you have a LOT of space on your camera when you go - I must have taken a million photos!

    I've also wanted to visit New Forest for ages - I believe there are some brilliant restaurants there.

  2. I agree with Mandy what a fabulous list - there are so many places to visit so little time! Can't wait to follow your 2014 adventures via your blog xx

  3. I can't recommend Kew Gardens & Regent Canal enough - go to Kew in the spring, and along the canal in the middle of Autumn. Absolutely scrummy!
    I love the rest of your plans too!

  4. Thanks Mandy - i'll make sure i have enough space on my camera, Granada does sound lovely.

    Thanks Kelly, im hoping i can fit enough in :)

    Great tips Emma, i hadnt thought of the canal in autumn.

  5. It is indeed a WHISHLIST! :-)

  6. Here's hoping you get to go to every place on your list! I try to get to Snowdonia once a year, and it never seems to lose its charm and beauty.

  7. Thanks Jaklin, i hope some of it comes true!

    Me too Dave, i hope i get to Snowdonia, ive heard lovely things about it.