30 January 2014

New York / Boston Trip Recap

Walking down W34th Street with a view of the Empire State Building. That was was the first moment my feet hit pavement in Manhattan. It only took me a few seconds to see why people wanted to live here, and to see myself living here too.

Central Park
My posts about my trip to New York and Boston have been a bit all over the place and way behind schedule considering I was there in August 2013. So here is a recap just in case you missed it - or in case your new here (Welcome!).

Grand Central Terminal
Boston was actually the first port of call where I was shown around by my friend and local. He did scare the daylights out of me at one point but I did enjoy Boston quite a lot and, after the trip was over, found myself missing certain things about it, the cute buildings, the weather, the easiness and openness of it.

Boston - near Davis Square
New York City was next and it was both amazing and exhausting. I climbed iconic buildings, felt like I was in a movie at Grand Central terminal, sneaked photos in the New York public library's Reading Room and lazed in Central Park.

Empire State Building

But New York is not a place to be lazy, its bustling, energetic and exudes wattage like Time Square at night.

Times Square
So a full day in Lower Manhattan was offered up to the travel Gods including a bite to eat at Katz's Deli, and a sail-by hello to the Lady Liberty.

Lower Manhattan Skyline
I don't think it worked though because I found myself knocked out on my last day and having to drag myself out of bed to take in the view of the Manhattan skyline while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge
I could definitely see myself living in New York. Like many others, I fell in love with the city and I only saw a microscopic section of it. I would love to see so much more. I might have to plan another trip there.

Top of the Empire State Building
I hope you enjoyed the posts from this trip and, if you haven't been, are now inspired to visit this amazing city.

If you have been, what did you love the most?

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