30 December 2013

Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014! Reflections on New Years in London and Sydney

In a couple of days we will have said goodbye to 2013 and welcomed the new year. Last year I was lucky enough to spend it in London. I piled on the cold weather gear and made my way to Victoria Embankment so I would be able to see the clock tower of Big Ben and be Thame-side to watch the fireworks explode from the London Eye. The vibe was amazing, I'll never forget it. People were in high spirits, dancing in the street and generally having good time while waiting for the countdown to midnight.

This year (if all goes to plan) I will be hitting up my favourite spot in Sydney harbour to watch the fireworks in the warmth. I enjoyed London's fireworks and recommend making the effort to go see them if you haven't already but, in this firework-lovers humble opinion, Sydney has THE best fireworks in the world  ;)

At the close of 2011 I was on the edge-of-my-seat excited for the new year. It marked the start of my expat life in London and everything that I had dreamed. I remember standing there watching the fireworks shoot out of the Harbour Bridge, explode in the sky and light up the entire harbour. My eyes followed them each explosion reverberating inside my chest and increasing that feeling of being on the verge of a great adventure. I wondered when I would be home again and be back to see in a new year and what was in store for the time till then.

Needless to say, I had an amazing time. My time as an expat in London was well spent, even if I wish I had done more. I saw in the Queens Jubilee, visited the Lakes District, said hello to Edinburgh again, was able to show my brother around Cambridge and had many other explorations. I met some wonderful people whom I hope to keep as life-long friends and fell more and more in love with London, its afternoon teas, cute neighbourhoods and enchantment than on any other previous visit.

I am excited about 2014. I am keen for more adventures abroad (I am, after all, a die hard travel addict) and meeting a few more of my blogging friends in person. So as one of the first cities to welcome in the New Year, let me wish all of my lovely readers a brilliant New Year! May 2014 bring you travel, adventure, great laughs and good times with friends and family. Thank you for joining in my adventures on this blog, see you in the New Year!

With Love,

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