09 December 2013

A relaxing day in New York - Carnigie Deli and Central Park

A chilled way to spend some time in New York City is to head to Carnegie Deli, pick up one of their massive sandwiches to go and wander over to Central Park for a picnic by the lake. I did just that on my recent trip and to keep things nice and light for this weeks post (to make up for the lengthy post last week), let me take you on a virtual day out in New York.

Hopping off  57th St - 7 Av means that the Carnegie Deli is only a short block away. The sandwiches are huge and I mean HUGE. One is more than enough for two people. Don't believe me? You soon will...I dare you to finish it on your own :p 

OK, so packed sandwich in hand, take a walk along 7th Ave till you reach Central Park. One of the odd things about this park is that there are no orientation maps, so pull up a map on your phone and take a leisurely walk towards the Mall. Not to be confused with the Mall in London leading to Buckingham Palace, this Mall is filled with vendors selling their wares and leads to Bethesda Arcade and Terrace which overlooks the Lake.

Along the way you'll come across horse and carriage drivers, skaters practicing their tricks, couples having their wedding photos taken and all sorts of statues and scenes. When you reach Bethesda Arcade, take a moment to look out over the Terrance and Lake before going down and admiring the amazing tile work beneath.

At this point you'll need to find a patch of grass to sit down and take a bite of that yummy sandwich that has been calling to you during your walk. Once it has been satisfactory been devoured (did you manage the whole thing?) stretch out and relax a bit. Despite being in the middle of one of the busiest city in the world its surprising quiet and peaceful.

Once you are all re-energised and relaxed, wander down towards the lakes edge. You might be able to spot some turtles swimming about that have wandered over from Turtle Pond (which is further north in the park) or you might want to use all the renewed energy to hire out a boat from the Boat House to paddle around the lake.

A nice spot to take a photo as the sun hangs a little lower in the sky is Bow Bridge which is just to the left of the lake. You'll have a lovely view of the park and the city skyline beyond. Its one of the best souvenirs you can take home with you.

You can head back via the Mall where, if it is late enough, the vendors will have packed up save for a solitary sax player, his music filtering through the early twilight and catching you in a wonderful New York moment.

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