28 November 2013

Top 5 pros for an Expat returning home

As we descend, the plane skims the clouds, is engulfed by them and then drops below into an overcast Sydney. Its not the first time my home has welcomed me back with rain. My 24+ hours of travelling is almost over and London could not be further away.

What is my brain thinking at this point? Am i missing my friends in London? Missing London itself? Looking forward to seeing family and catching up with old friends? Nope, none of that. My brain is thinking about wonderful, blissful, horizontal sleep. And the fact that the rain is temporary. It is summer in Sydney :) What can i say. I don't function well without sleep. Or coffee.

I said goodbye to London on Wednesday and landed in Sydney on Friday (no clue where Thursday went). Leaving people you care about behind is not easy, even when coming home to family and good friends. I did what i could by way of goodbyes and now I'm here, I'm am determined to make the most of things. I'm sitting here at Circular Quay in Sydney, the sun is out, it is warm and there is a nice breeze. There are pros to coming home, aren't there?

Top 5 pros for an Expat returning home

1 - Spending time with family. My lovely family have been very supportive of my time in London, it will be great to spend time with them now I'm back.

2 - Catching up with old friends. I love all the friends i made in London, but there is something about being with old friends that s just different. I cant wait to see them again.

3 - Getting to know home as a tourist. As my home, I've always neglected to blog about Sydney as i do about other cities i visit. I hope to change that.

4 - The familiarity of everything. I know how to get where i need to go, i know where to find things and that sure is relaxing! Its second nature.

5 - The possibility. Its a fresh start, a clean slate, a new beginning. For some this may be daunting, but it is, without a doubt, a chance to do whatever you want to do.

While I'm fairly recovered from the madness that is packing up my expat life (though still slightly affected by the stupor of jet lag) I'm slowly waking up and buzzing with excitement for this next chapter. I'm looking forward to enjoying the Sydney summer, the New Years Eve fireworks, the things that have changed and those that haven't (which always makes my time away seem less like a dream), the good coffee and fresh food and, of course, all those things on my pros list too!

What has been your experience returning home? Any "pros" i should add to my list?


  1. I love the feeling of just being around people who 'get' me. From the minute we arrive in the airport and they say "howzit, welcome home" to ordering my favourite drink in a restaurant to babbling away with my friends, there is no feeling like being at home. Did you come back to London yet or are you still in Sydney?

    1. I can relate completely. Its the simple things :) Im still in Sydney avoiding the London winter.

  2. I love coming home - it is so good to see family and friends, and you are right, it is a great opportunity to be a tourist at home!
    Oh, and I always cry at the airport haha no matter what!
    Sarah x

    1. It definately is!
      I know, its always emotional arriving home and walking out into the arrivals area.