04 November 2013

Grand Central Terminal, New York

Grand Central Terminal facade
I cant tell you why - maybe because I'm a bit of geek - but i really wanted to see New York's Grand Central Terminal. It was my first stop in New York City. Standing in the main concourse next to the information desk was surreal. Very surreal. I knew i had never been there in my life and yet i felt as if i had been there, it felt so familiar, almost normal. I guess i have all those Hollywood movies to thank for that. Actually, my entire stay in New York had a sprinkling of movie magic, i did feel at times that i was walking around a very large movie set. But i digress.

Inside Grand Central Terminal - Information Desk
Grand Central Terminal, not Grand Central Station as i originally thought it was called, is lovely. The light, the marble, the space, the turquoise ceilings painted with constellations, the people rushing around, the busy-ness and the stillness of it. I easily spent a few hours there trying to let it all sink in. And there is quite a lot!

One of the most unexpected things was how nice people were. Usually tourists standing about in a busy thoroughfare get grunt, huffs and tsks from other people rushing about. I was trying to take a selfie in front of the information booth when a woman offered to take a photo for me. She took a couple, stuck around to see if id like it and then wished me a pleasant stay in New York! My jaw just about hit the floor, SO sweet!

Inside Grand Central Terminal - Main Hall

If Grand Central Terminal is not on your list of things to see when you go to New York, put it there! It is worth a visit. There are guided tours, an audio tour and even an app you can download which will tell you all about Grand Central Terminal and its hidden secrets.

Have you been? What did you enjoy the most?


  1. I thought you were in New York for some reason, then remembered you mucst be packing like me to come home... I know what you mean. I can almost see Blake Lively standing in the grand foyer in your pictures ala Gossip Girl. I loved the magic whispering wall, a place to share a secret with my partner from across the hall (He asked if we should go get coffee!). Dreamily romantic.

  2. I was there late August, but you are right, i am busy packing this week!
    The whispering wall is special isnt it? Even if people do look a bit odd whispering in a corner ;) lol.