28 October 2013

Photo Tour: Miyajama, Japan

For a change of pace from my Italy/Greece posts, i thought I'd swap Europe for Asia and take you all back to Japan this week. 

During my trip to Japan last year i visited the island of Miyajama which is most famous for its "Floating" Torii Gates. As part of my day trip from Kyoto to Hiroshima, i did a small extension to this picturesque island. Its not far from Hiroshima, the tram and train lines will take you right next to the ferry port and there are frequent services to the island.

I hope you enjoy this little photo tour. Let me know if you do!

Views of Miyajama Island and Torii Gates

Miyajama Deer

The deer here are "wild" dear that have the run of the island but they are so used to having people around that they have no qualms approaching adults and kids alike in search of food - at one point i even saw a man chasing one that had nicked the luggage tag off his suitcase and was chewing it happily.

The Miyajama Torii Gates at Sunset

It really is worth staying till sunset at Miyajama. There is a certain stillness and peace that descends on the island. Just be sure not to miss the last ferry back to the mainland. There are hotels where you can stay the night and have the island to yourself after all the tourists and day trippers have gone if you fancy it.

Miyajama Temple

Its hard to miss the temple. When i was there the tide was low enough you could walk out between the buildings. When the tide is in, i can imagine that the look of the temple will be very different, almost as if it was floating of its own accord. I simply loved the reddish orange of the temple and how it seemed to frame its surroundings.

I do recommend making the effort to visit Miyajama. It is an easy trip from Hiroshima and i managed to do both Hiroshima and Miyajama on a day trip from Kyoto. Granted it was a bit of a full day but it is worth it if you are limited on time.


  1. Thank you. Reminded me of our visit there in 2009; some of your photos looked identical.

    Here is one (not identical)

  2. Thanks! Liked the photo of you and Yasmin, the tide was really out far that day, you could walk up to the gate!