21 October 2013

Hotel Review: Homeric Poems (Santorini, Greece)

The Homeric Poems Hotel in Santorini is an absolute gem. I stayed there on my recent trip to the Greek island and i was not disappointed. The staff from the Manager (Rosalie), to bar man, to cleaning ladies were all friendly, professional, very discreet and made you feel like they truly cared for nothing more than making your stay enjoyable. I stayed in one of the Apartments named "Paris" and the views were stunning as, i imagine, they were from all the other rooms. They keep to the typical blue/white/grey colour scheme and add simple touches here and there to accentuate the beautiful vistas. Their meticulous attention to detail was bar none.

Homeric Poems - Reception is just to the right near the donkey

Let me pause here to say that this is not a paid promotion of the Homeric Poems Hotel. I have in no way been asked to do this review nor am i being reimbursed in any way. I simply think they really are worth mentioning. If you have read my blog for a while, you know i have never dedicated an entire post to a hotel so that should tell you that this place is something special.

The rooftops of the Homeric Poems Hotel

The hotel is just outside Fira in Firostefani and is only a short cab ride from the main taxi stand (next to the bus depot). I was dropped off in a small square and thankfully didn't have to lug my bag far. The main entrance was about 200 meters away and the reception was just inside. I was early but the hotel manager herself, Rosella, came up to greet me and show me to the bar where she offered me a free drink while i waited till my room was ready. She then sat down for a bit of a chat like she was an old friend. I cannot think of any other experience where there has been such a personal touch, it really made a lovely impression. And it didn't stop there, throughout my stay, whenever i saw her, she would smile brightly, stop and ask how i was enjoying my stay, where i had been etc.

Looking off to the left from my terrace

This is the view from the kitchenette window!

My room, when it was ready, was just gorgeous. When I stepped inside i found my bag waiting for me in the large open plan living area (thankfully i didn't have to carry it up or down any stairs). The room was bright and airy, came with air conditioning and free wifi which i love as some hotels charge a fortune. A small kitchenette and dining table was off to the right and, at the back, there was the bedroom with white linen and canopy mosquito net.
The bathroom had a grey concrete moulded open shower space with a shower head that felt like a waterfall and Molton Brown toiletries. Unfortunately i was so taken with the views i didn't take any photos inside! The main doors opened out onto the terrace which had a set of tables and chairs off to the left to take advantage of the view out over the Caledarra. I spent a good amount of time on that terrace soaking up sun, watching the spectacular sunsets and even one night, ordering room service for dinner.

My "Paris" room and terrace - gorgeous or what?

That's my room on the right

Breathtaking sunset - This was taken from my terrace!

The hotel location was great. Just an easy walk from both Fira and Imerovigli and convenient to get to after having a long day out. No winding streets, no stairs, its right off the calderra path. Even if i didn't want to go anywhere, it was an oasis of calm and privacy. One of my favourite things at the hotel was the infinity pool where i took a couple of dips during my stay. I liked to lean on the side and look out at the caldera and Mediterranean sea while feeling weightless in the water.

The infinity pool looking out at the Mediterranean

Downside to the hotel? I really cant think of anything that remotely affected my stay in a negative way. If i had to be nit-picky I'd say that the room service menu is a bit pricey given the surrounding competition. BUT the dishes are delicious, fresh, plated beautifully and are delivered to your terrace. And lets face it, i did have cooking facilities in the little kitchenette if i really didn't want to splurge.

My terrace at sunset
That's part of my terrace on the right

The absolute highlight for me was waking up each morning to sunlight coming through the windows, stepping out onto my terrace and seeing nothing but blue and white. I'm biased because i haven't stayed elsewhere in Santorini but if you only go once, you wont be disappointed with choosing to stay here.

The view i woke up to every morning

If you have stayed at the Homeric Poems, I'd love to hear your thoughts, did you enjoy it? Was there somewhere you liked more? Leave me a comment :)


  1. Oh my word, this place looks just stunning - what an amazing view to have from your terrace! I would love to visit Santorini one day and will definitely try and remember this place as a hotel choice if I do!

  2. Santorini is definitely on my (ever growing) travel bucket list. I can definitely imagine myself watching one of those beautiful sunsets on the terrace whilst sipping on a cocktail with my honey...Sigh. We'll make it there one day! And we do, we'll make sure to stay at this lovely hotel, the name alone sold me on it! x