13 September 2013

Buying a ticket home and what that means

I’m really nervous. I have butterflies wreaking havoc inside my chest. I’m scared to even breathe…my life will go off on an entirely new tangent in a couple of months, London will cease to be my adopted home and I’ll have to walk away from the life I’ve built here and friends I’ve made. It’s not that going home to Sydney scares me. Its leaving London. I have had a bit of a rocky ride but I have really enjoyed exploring this city. I have enjoyed seeing things become familiar yet still pinching myself when I see the grand icons of London.

Earlier this week I bought my ticket home. It wasn’t easy. I was riddled with nerves and could barely bring myself to click on the final point-of-no-return purchase button. Such a tiny button, so poingnant. And with that, and a flutter of cyberspace, i'd sealed my path to head home at the end of November. Eeep!

Now i have to get organised. There is so much to do! And i counted, i only have 10 weekends left. My list of things to do in London is *still* as long as my arm! Actually, i think its longer! 18 months in London and i still feel like i have barely scratched the surface. I really love this city.

From a practical perspective it should be relatively easy to pack up my life a second time round - fourth if you count leaving home twice and leaving my expat life as a flight attendant in the sandpit. Leaving people behind however, that never gets easy. I have bought my ticket back to Sydney and that means its real, i have to go and i have to say goodbye. BUT I plan on making the most of my last couple of months here so bring it on London, make me miss you even more when i go!


  1. May be this is another one chance to compare two cities and to decide where you want to live. Listen you soul and don't hesitate. It is your and only your life.

  2. Thanks Victor. That's true, it will give me a chance to reevaluate things. It will be an interesting time.

  3. Oh so exciting! I'd purchased my ticket too... But I have more time than you to wrap up. Hope you get to tick as much off your list as you'd like.

  4. Thank you! Yes I hope so too, it's going to be a busy period. It's good you have more time, very smart.