05 August 2013

Trip planning: New York, New York!

Times Square - Manhattan, New York via
In less than three weeks i will be jetting off on an 8 day whirlwind New York/Boston trip. My friend is keen to show me around his Boston neighbourhood and the other cultural delights his city has to offer. This will be my first trip to both Manhattan, New York and Boston.

For New York, there is just so much i want to see and do. I have already started my trip planning and have a list of what i want to see/do/explore. I'm sure it will grow into an absolute monster of a list before the scarcity of time will force me to cut it down to size a bit...but that's not before loads of deliberation and lots of "I'm sure i can fit it in if..." and the inevitable realisation that it better to spend quality time than rushing things. Maybe. It is New York City after all and a lot can be done in a New York minute!

In the spirit of getting ready to take my first bite of the Big Apple, i have been busy researching New York. I have bought two guide books and I'm cruising the blogosphere for some New Yorker blogs to add to my reading list. If your a New York blogger, drop me an email, I'd love to read what you have to say about your city!

Also, I would love to hear from any New Yorkers or anyone who has been to New York, what are the must-see or must-dos that i wont find in the guidebooks. Recommendations for breakfast spots, good coffee shops and restaurants are also most welcome!

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