21 June 2013

Food favourites from Italy and Greece


I love Bresaola. It is quite common in Italy and i absolutely gorged myself on it when i was there. With a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil, its just divine! Back in London, i have found an easy step by step guide (in the Guardian of all places!) on how to make my own at home - I would love to try it but don't know if i have the patience! Have you tried to make it? Was it a success?


Another favourite of mine is Tsatziki with fresh bread. It is a simple and delicious combination found on practically every menu in Greece, some places played up the garlic, others the creaminess. Trying the different variations when i was in Greece has inspired me to try a few tweaks on my own recipe. For a very, very simple recipe try this. If you have a favourite version, leave me a comment and I'll try it!

Happy eating!

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