24 June 2013

6 Non-Artsy Highlights of Florence

Florence can be a bit much to someone who isn't into art or architecture so here is my list that hopefully will let everyone enjoy Florence. I would love to hear about your favourite non-artsy thing to do in Florence, just leave me a comment :)

Florence Markets - Mercato Centrale

Inside Mercato Centrale you can find truffle oil, fresh pasta, Breseola which i love, fruit and veg, cheeses and more. There is a great coffee place and you can order fresh pasta and eat at a makeshift restaurant right next to the shop. Outside is a sort of flea market where, with a bit of haggling, you can pick up some great leather souvenirs.

Seeing Michelangelo's David

OK well this is a bit artsy, but its David, i mean come on, he is HOT! If you have a boyfriend, its guilt-free ogling ;) Yes i do realise I'm talking about a marble statue and no I'm not ashamed.

Watching people draw the Ponte Vecchio

OK this is a sneaky one too. In my defence, i cant draw for shite so seeing someone else contentedly sketching a scene or recreating popular paintings is amazing. The Ponte Vecchio is a lovely bridge too so i can understand why people would want to try to capture it.

The Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Re-enacting A Room with a View.

If you haven't read the book or seen the movie, all you need to know is that there is a scene where a boy throws the girls postcards into the Arno and then grabs her and kisses her passionately. Girls, get your boys on to this bridge and re-enact the scene! Boys....don't miss an opportunity ;)

Seeing the tombs of Galileo, Michelangelo Machiavelli at Santa Croce

There is something pretty cool (and a bit morbid) about seeing the tombs of names that i have heard so often that i often forget that these were real people - dead people, but real, not fiction.



Weird and wonderful street signs

These might be hard to find but you might stumble across them if you keep an eye out. Someone with a sense of humour and a good eye for design came up with these and, you have to admit, they are clever. Doubt the authorities even noticed it.



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