25 April 2013

My 200th Blog Post! :) :) :)

Globetrotter Postcards 200th Blog Post trio of cupcakes

Yep, my little blog has reached 200 hundred posts. Its not as many as other blogs out there but I'm still quite proud of this. Starting to blog back in 2005, i never thought that over 7 years later, I'd still be blogging away. Celebrate each milestone i say :) and why not?

Looking back on it, it all began when i was on the cusp of leaving my home in Sydney and going to work as a Flight Attendant in the Middle East. It was pre-Facebook and Twitter and it was a way to let my family and friends know what i was up to and share some of my experiences as i travelled.

I kept blogging mainly because i enjoyed writing and posting photos about all the new places i was visiting and the amazing experience of becoming a Flight Attendant. Also, i have a shocking memory and i loved (and still love) having this living document of all the places I've been, the experiences I've had, even the not so great ones. It quite the trip to go back and read about things that i have forgotten, stories from my life as a flight attendant and photos of my travels.

While i haven't been as regular writer as i would like to be, i can say with absolute confidence that i will be writing for the many years to come. I want to be a better writer, blogger, traveller. So, with that in mind, there are some things i am planning - stay tuned to see what exactly.

In the meantime, i want to hear from you! What have you enjoyed about my blog? What do you want less of? What do you think i could do better? Any feedback is welcome!

Looking forward to the next 200 posts! Maybe more!

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  1. Awesome. Do you have an offline copy of this entire blog as a backup? Would hate for you to lose it or part of it. Just a thought.

  2. Very good point, I don't actually. Bit silly really as I'd hate it if I lost it too. I'm looking into that now. Thank you!