29 April 2013

For the next 200 posts (or more!)

Hello there and welcome to my 201st blog post. No i dont intend to keep counting each post, dont worry! So following on from my last post here are a few things im planning on writing about in future. I hope there are things on this list that will strike your fancy but as always, let me know what you think!

  • Guest writers - I have not been a flight attendant for a good few years now, but, i still have many friends flying the crazy skies. I have already reached out to a close friend and i hope to bring his unique perspectives and dry humor to this blog soon
  • Personal opinion - anything that strikes my fancy to write about, whether that is a current issue, social observation or commonly discussed topic  
  • More London - Ive been here for over a year and i have done so much yet i have hardly written about any of it. I can hardly beleive i am lucky enough to live in this amazing city so i plan to share more of it with you.
  • Theatre review - Not just big productions but anything that strikes my fancy, just another great thing about being in London so stay tuned for that.
  • Book reviews - i love a good book, i have been known to stay up late, till the stirrings of dawn, engrossed in a good book all because i simply cant put it down and keep telling myself "just one more chapter"...
  • Photo tours - these are great because, along with being a quicker way to share place and experiences with you, i often find that words fail me in trying to share a new or unique place, a picture is worth a thousand words after all
  • Internet and other randomness - The internet is full of little tidbits that i enjoy and that make me smile. I'll be peppering my blog every so often with such things or even randomness from my own real-world encounters - truth can be stranger than fiction!
  • Technology posts - im a closet geek, funny i should say that on a public blog but why nitpick? I love it when i come across a really interesting new app or an idea that could change the way we live or at least the way we travel so i hope you will find these sparodic posts equally interesting.

I hope that you find something on this list you like and will be looking forward to reading. If i have missed anything, drop me an email or comment and tell me what you'd like added!

Till then,

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