25 April 2012

Japanese-y things to make you :)

One of my favourite things to do when i was in Japan was to browse the 100yen store (its like the "reject shop" back in Australia but everything is literally 100yen or Poundland in the UK). Some stuff they had was really interesting and gave a bit of an insight to the Japanese culture and day-to-day life. One day while A and i were browsing through one, A brought to my attention an interesting find. He was looking at alphabet candles and all the letters were there except "L". Its not that they were sold out, it was simply not there.

Anyway, we have all seen those emails sent round with photos of odd English translations in non-English speaking countries. This is my version mixed in with some additional photos of other amusing things - all of these made me smile when i saw them and i hope they do the same for you.

Hmm...this must be the super polite version of "shut up when its late"
Fire (earthquake?) escape - rope ladder
Deployment instructions
My new favourite necklace - Candy on a string.
Everything you buy is always packaged so well and these freshly roasted chestnuts from a street stall are no different
Two 'older' ladies and their backpacks - so cute!
Royal Drunkards welcome ! LOL!
An ant and a grasshopper walk into a bar...
But wait, theres more, if you buy this bike you get a mounted umbrella for those sunny biking days...
Rooftop sweepers?
If you haven't heard about the Japanese "Smart" toilets, this is the control panel for one at the Ryokan i stayed at in Kyoto
I'm not sure if they meant to say "Hair Cockpit" but either way its a weird name for a hair salon.
Paper and bags that rap?
The mystery of the missing "L" strikes again.

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