22 March 2012

A different kind of Royal encounter

Yesterday i met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen and witnessed the theft of the Crown Jewels.

I was walking along along Regent Street and found myself outside number 188-196 where a soldier in a red uniform complete with sword was filling the air with bubbles. I had never been to Hamleys before. Walking in i was instantly 8 years old again, my eyes open wide in wonder. It is what a toystore should be. Fun, interactive, filled with all sorts of toys and its own candy counter, not to mention that it covers five floors!

Hamleys on Regent St

The ground floor, by far the busiest, is filled with all sorts of stuffed animals. Staff here and there were playing demonstrating toys on sale and even putting on shows at the in-house puppet theatre. Yep, they get paid to play with toys all day...i totally want that job! The fifth floor, as it turned out, was the favourite haunt of Royalty...and toy royalty...Lego has an incredible display of members of the Royal Family including the the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Queen and her faithful corgie.

Lego Royalty - The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Lego Royalty - The Queen and her corgi
I did notice that a Mission Impossible style theft of the Crown Jewels brazenly being carried out in broad daylight...

Brazen daylight robbery of the Royal Jewels!
But i suspected that the gold toothed thief wouldnt get too far...

Lego Thief
As Londons most famous detective was hot on the trail.

Lego Sherlock Holmes
Its days like that that make me love London. The day had started out simply as a lunchtime catch up with a friend (we thought we'd try the "traditional British dish - fish and chips") near Covent Garden and ended in a toystore evoking Mr Magoriums Wonderful Emporium. Oh, did i mention the largest gumball machine ive ever seen tucked away in a nondescript lolly shop? It was bigger than me! No one could see that machine and not smile unless they had really forgotten what it was like to be a kid. Seriously, massive gumball machine! Need i say more?

The humongous gumball machine!
Love London!

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