10 February 2012

Snow in London and other updates

Hearing: Chatter of people on their lunch break

I am at Pret on Queen Victoria St in London enjoying a hot soup with crusty bread to fight off the cold! But i  find that im adjusting to the weather better than i expected here.

A coupe of days ago it snowed! Boy was that a treat! I went for a walk and got covered in the white stuff but it was so much fun! While everyone else was rushing to get out of it, there i was smiling from ear to ear like some lunatic, but i didnt care. It was just bloody awesome!!! Getting back to my hostel i found some boys out the front having a snowball fight...i was so tempted to join in!

The next day i was off to Clapham Common for a flat viewing and couldnt resist taking a photo of me and the white sea of the normally very green Clapham Common. As i walked past i noticed that there were several half-built snowmen that it made the common look like some snowmen monster had gone around decapitating all his enemies.

So ive been here two weeks and whats happened in that time?
  • I have trawled thorugh hundreds of flatshare ads-roommates who like to wear pleather for nights out anyone? Ive been to a number of flat viewings and coming back from one evening i found that i had a boyfriend, a brother that lived on Elgin avenue and that i already had a flat and lived in Clapham - i was trying to avoid a random guy picking me up on as i walked to the tube! LOL!
  • A good hostel is a rare thing that when you find one you'll be willing to change rooms no less that 7 times to stay in it.
  • Attended a couple of meetings with Ăśmbrella companies (kind of agencies)
  • Walked. A LOT.
  • Primark Oxford St! Thank you for my 10pound boots just before it snowed! Ballet flats are not snow-worthy shoes!
  • Long-distance planning of my long postponed trip to Japan with my friend A.
  • Tried (and failed) not to smile on the tube...but more about that later...
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