27 November 2011

Photo Tour - Prague by Day


O an T are two of my best friends from my time as a flight attendant. Both are from the Czech Republic and I have always wanted to see this country that is their home. Finally i have - well a part of it anyway and in this photo tour you'll be able to ssee some of it with me.

I spent a few days in Prague to see the city and hopefully a bit of the country too. T was home for a little while before jetting off to explore piloting jobs which was very lucky as we managed to catch up for an afternoon. It was surreal but great. I also went on a couple of tours and did a lot of walking!

A killer on any type of shoe except sneakers, Prague is a beautiful city! Despite the rain i enjoyed my time there, learned a little about its history and sampled its yummy food -you must try the garlic soup!

Enjoy the Photo Tour!

Prague National Museum - sadly it was closed when i was there so i couldn't visit.
Looking down Wenceslas Square (aka Vaclavske namesti)
The National Museum and Wenceslas Square
Hotel Europa/Hotel Evropa - A famous Art Nouveau building on Wenceslas Square
Architecture on Wenceslas Square
Architecture on Wenceslas Square - and no I'm not talking about the H&M store!
These guys were performing some sort of folk dance. A saw a number of others through the days i was in Prague, it looked like some kind of cultural festival.
A beautiful Art Nouveau building, Municipal House (aka Obecni Dum) is now home to the Prague Symphony Orchestra.
It is here however where Czechoslovakia was declared an independent state in 1918.
Powder Gate
A marionette shop front
Such detail! This is a small marionette witch.
The marionettes are quite expensive but i would have loved to be able to buy one for a keepsake or a quirky decoration
Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) - on the left is the Old Town Hall and home to the famous astronomical clock and the white building to the right is the baroque Church of st Nicholas
Prague's famous Astronomical Clock

On one of my tours we were told a story about how on a weekend during a very busy summer holiday season in 2007 the clock broke down and stopped working. Disaster! People who had come to see the dancing statues were disappointed and missing out. There are only two people in Prague that can fix this clock and as it happened, both were away on holidays. The mayor had to call each one and ask them to come back to fix the clock. One refused, the other, thankfully, agreed, came back and fixed the clock. Naturally he was generously compensated.

Top part of Prague's Astronomical Clock
Looking down at the Old Town Square from the top of the Old Town Hall
From the top of the Old Town hall, Jan Hus Monument on the left and the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Týn
From the top of the Old Town Hall - the baroque Church of St Nicholas and views further afield
The prominent St Vitus's Cathedral in the grounds of Prague Castle from Charles Bridge
Street vendors and pedestrians on Charles Bridge

Funnily enough, before i went, all i heard was to watch out for pickpockets and the crazy prices of the vendors on Charles Bridge. I cant say i didn't see any pickpockets - because, lets face it, they would be crappy ones if they could be spotted - but i can say that i did end up buying a lot of souvenirs and little gifts from the vendors here because they were far cheaper and more unique that some of the souvenir shops elsewhere.

Charles Bridge
Grounds of Prague Castle
Prague Castle guards
T striking a pose!
My attempt at striking a pose!
Walking through the maze of alleyways and roads around Prague Castle, we kept popping up in areas with great views.
A view from Charles Bridge
I promised T that this would make it into my Blog. As we were crossing Charles Bridge, we looked over the side to see these two ducks swimming and bobbing away. T looks at them and with a totally serious look on his face says "that duck is trying to drown itself but its not having much luck!" I could not stop laughing! It was something out of a cartoon!
T - aka the comedian - on Charles Bridge
Moi on Charles Bridge
A lookout near Prague Castle - spot the Prague guide in my back pocket!
Charles Bridge (aka Karluv Most) viewed from a lookout near Prague Castle
The Golden Lane - Prague Castle
By far the teeniest, cutest "house" in the Golden Lane - Prague Castle


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