19 January 2012

My Last Sydney Commute

There is faint chatter, some not-so-muted music and of course that one person who is on the phone the entire trip. From the train window i see the sun slowly rising against a faint haze and a few scattered clouds. Its going to be a hot day. Perfect beach weather. The houses I've seen countless times slip by still unremarkable as ever.

My thoughts drift to my almost-last day at work. I will no longer be commuting to my job in the city. I'll be working from home - wherever that ends up being - in London.

Its time for a change. Those two years as a flight attendant have changed me. I am no longer content with 'the norm'. I have seen what can be done in 2 years, what can be done in 10 days, 32hrs, 12hrs, or even 4hrs. Besides, who decided what would be the norm anyway? Surely the norm should be what you make it? But i digress...

Ever since my first London layover, no, ever since Disney made Mary Poppins and i read the books, I've always felt London held a kind of magic. My first layover just cemented the fact that i love the city and it felt like home. And it will be my home for the next 2 years. It will also be my base for travelling around Europe ;)

I am excited and nervous. Actually, terrified might be a more honest description. I love Sydney, it has been my home for over 25years and i will miss it. Moving to London is the next adventure and i hope you will all keep reading and join me in exploring this new chapter.

Vanishing Point

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