28 January 2012

Brunch in a little London cafe

Hearing: People chatting, kids running around and the occasional clatter of crockery

I’m in a little café just a couple of minutes from my hostel. I was a little late for breakfast this morning so here I am. And im glad too. This place is pretty cute and I’ve managed to score a window seat so can watch people go by on the street.

Since my last post, it seems as though someone hit fast forward on my life. Before I knew it, it was my last day at work, my farewell, my last day in Sydney, the flight to London, arriving at the hostel and now it’s been almost a week!

It’s been a little weird being here to be honest. I can’t quite figure out what I’m feeling. I don’t know if it’s really sunk in that I’m here long-term, that this isn’t just another layover or holiday. And this is despite my spending hours every day on Gumtree trying to find a place to stay. A new place to call home.

Gumtree – as my friend L put it – is a type of torture. I must have looked at a hundred ads already and sent queries to about 20. I’ve only gotten a handful of responses and so far have only been to see one place. It’s a full time job looking for a place I must say. Of course it doesn’t help that im being picky. 

Yes, I will admit it, I am being very picky. I see the right place as being a huge factor in how happy I am with my move here. I want a home, not just a place to crash or party. My wish list (and lets face it, it is a wish list) includes:
  • Nice looking house from the outside – not modern and not a flat/apartment block – preferably Victorian or Georgian, a place with character
  • Located on a leafy street
  • Nice flatmates, preferably 2 or 3, who I can occasionally hang out with
  • A place that has a living room!
  • Close to a tube stop!!! A huge must! I do not want to be walking endlessly to a tube station (especially not in the cold) or taking a bus in peak hour London traffic. And I would prefer to be in zone 2 or 3
  • A small number of cafés within walking distance – I don’t want nor need hundreds of cafes/restaurants/shops or to be close to a high street, I just want a place I can go have coffee or brunch on a Sunday.
  • AFFORDABLE! LOL! Well its my wish list so I can have what I want even if it isn’t realistic and quite possibly ridiculous right?

My rational side knows that my wish list is close to impossible and I’ll have to face reality and become more realistic to find a decent place. I do have a budget and that will dictate what items on my wish list will have to take priority but till Gumtree kills my day-dreaming, my wishlist is here for a bit longer…

Speaking of Gumtree, now that I’m fed and watered, it’s back to the search…wish me luck!

Vanishing Point

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