04 December 2011

Photo Tour - Cesky Krumlov

As a final installment to the posts on my Czech Republic adventures, i thought i would share with you something quite beautiful - Cesky Krumlov.

Purely by accident, it turned out to be another town that had received a UNESCO World Heritage listing (if you read my post on Bath, UK you'll know what i mean). Cesky Krumlov is a very well preserved Medieval Town on the Vltava river and it is a gorgeous place. It is a few hours outside Prague but well worth a visit. By joining a tour i got to sit back, relax, enjoy the views of the country go by and meet a few people.

Below are some photos from the grounds of the Castle and around town. Unfortunately no photos were allowed inside the castle (you should have seen our guide go nuts at one tourist who tried to take photos - scary!) But the Castle is well preserved and they have gone to a lot of effort to keep it in a state as you would have seen it many moons ago. One of my favourite sites is the Masquerade Hall.

Anyway - without further ado, enjoy the photos!

A view of Cesky Krumlov, The Castle Tower and The Town

The interesting thing is that all those bricks you see are actually painted on.

Castle Tower and the 2nd Courtyard

A view of the castle, Vltava and town.

The other side of the river - the town and riverside pub

A view of the town and the Castle Tower

A very yummy sweet pastry...

Wait for it...

There it is! Mmmm...YUM!

A view of the Castle Tower from the Vltava

Cesky Krumolv Town Square
Maybe I'm not worldly enough but Ive never seen a cone this shape before...oh and the ice-cream was delicious too!

A cute pub overlooking the Vltava river
People canoeing on the Vltava

And that rounds out my Prague/Czech Republic trip. I hope you enjoyed my posts.

Till next time - keep travelling!


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