26 November 2011

Little Venice, Regents Park, Camden Markets

Often the best way to see London is to take a walk. And i did. I started in an area known as "Little Venice", walked along Regents Canal, detoured for lunch at the Boathouse Cafe in Regents Park and continued back along Regents Canal to end up at Camden Markets. Whew! But it was worth it!

So first up, here are some photos of houseboats along Regents Canal. Next time i visit I'd like to do a little cruise in one of the boats - you truly get a different view from the canals and it is hard to believe that you are in London!

Regents Canal - Little Venice
Regents Canal - Canal Boats
Regents Canal - This is one of a number of fancy houses i saw along the canal
Regents Canal - A little cafe forms part of the bridge
Regents Canal - More house boats!
Regents Canal

Regents Park is huge. Honestly, it deserves its own day rather than trying to fit it in with other places to visit. It is sort of segmented into different parts. There is the zoo, large open spaces for those who want to kick a ball around, quiet shady places for just lying in the sun or reading a book, open air theatre, walking paths, the lake which you can paddle out on in a hired paddle boat, alternatively you can hire out deck chairs and of course lots of gardens filled with flowers.

Regents Park

Regents Park - Paddle Boat Hire

Regents Park

Regents Park garden

Finally Camden Markets. This is another place that deserves its own trip. It is an eclectic mix of vintage, fashion, crafts, ethnic food and more. I love how the entrance to it from the canal looks like a drawbridge of an old fort. All the shops here offer something a little different, a little crazy and very unique. Some are very protective of their wares though and have signs asking that no photos be taken. You can get lost in the maze of winding alleyways lined with shops - but that's not such a bad thing...

Camden Markets - Canal entrance
Camden Markets - Canal entrance and food stalls
Camden Markets - for some reason this reminded me of Chaktuchuk Markets in Bangkok
Camden Markets
Camden Markets

Camden Markets - Stable Arch

Camden Markets
Camden Markets - Cyberdog
Camden Markets
Camden Markets - A little Moroccan place complete with little stools and Argeela

I hope that you enjoyed this little walk through London with me. Next up will be Prague so check back soon!


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