09 July 2011

There is something in the air...

Hearing: Hum of the A340-600 and various passenger murmurings

Well if you didn't guess it from the above line, you don't know me very well. Yep VP is travelling again. And where to this time?? Well you will find out soon enough. I did think that i should wait till i got to my destination but here i am, mid-air over somewhere in Turkey and i cant wait to break the news.

Yours truly is finally taking a holiday, a proper one after over 2 years being nothing but a workaholic i am finally spreading my wings again and i plan to make the most of with with 6 weeks away! It is good to be in the air and travelling again.

First stop London! Of course i have been there before but i missed it so much that i have decided to make this my base for 4 weeks before heading on to the sandpit to spend some time catching up with friends and seeing all the changes that have happened since i was living here.

The first leg of the flight found me in Business Class! It was completely unexpected, a treat from a person i know/knew...don't know what to make of it actually but i am not about to look a gifthorse in the mouth, then again, i would trade it (yes your read right) to find out...why?

I am travelling on my old airline for 3 legs of this trip and i have already noticed lots of differences. The immediate being the service, and the safety demo, the second is that i no longer jump every time the call bell rings or watch the FA's every move. I still watch of course out of curiosity but i don't know...its just different now, and I'm glad in a way, i feel a lot more relaxed.

I don't have a full itinerary while in London, mostly i just want to be able to do nothing and simply wander about. I have a friend there who i hope to catch up with if he has time but mostly i just want to be in London and experience it for longer than a couple of days. I do have ideas on where i want to go and what i want to see/do but nothing is set in concrete. One of my plans is to get out of London and see Bath and Oxford.

There are a couple of side trips too, one is already locked in to Barcelona, the other...not so much. I have 7 days towards the end of the month where nothing is booked. I have been thinking Prague but wouldn't mind doing a bit more, Berlin-Amsterdam-Brugge maybe...if anyone has suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

Regular posts with photos can be expected now that there is something else to report on other than the dreary life of a Sydneysider, suburbanite, workaholic ;) so make sure you stay tuned!!

Back in the air...

Vanishing Point.

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