20 July 2011

Barcelonetta Beach, Barcelona, Spain

Hearing: Jazz and Hip-hop/funk music

I just had to post from here...

To my right there are a bunch of young guys and girls doing some street dancing. To my left, couples are swing dancing away. It is 9.53pm on Barcelonetta Beach. It has only just gotten dark and i have been walking along the beach absorbing this electric atmosphere for at least the past hour and a half. I'll post up a couple of videos i took earlier.

Its amazing here, so much life and activity. People are just starting to have dinner in the surrounding restaurants and cafes. There are bicycle riders, skateboarders, roller bladers, joggers, strollers, dog-walkers going up and down the boardwalk. Two guys are busking - singing in English and another language along with their guitar and base around who a crowd has gathered to watch and listen. When i came out people were still in the water, some playing water volley ball, normal beach volley ball, paddle ball, still stretched out, chatting with friends, working out on the outdoor gym, playing football (futbol - ie soccer), i even saw a guy practicing some very fancy gymnastic style flips and a couple of people going over the sand with metal detectors.

In front of me is the boardwalk followed by a cafe/bar on the beach lit up with pink and red neon lights and behind that the beach and shoreline with small waves crashing away too add to the music. The streetlights make everything glow a soft orange in places and cast shadows across the beach, boardwalk and plazas in other places. Everywhere i look something is happening; people milling about, watching, chatting and soaking up the atmosphere.

I love it here. Ive been in Barcelona for 3 days now and I've enjoyed every minute. A good friend of mine, Mele, is staying here with her husband and they have been very kind in letting me crash on their sofa (Thanks guys!). Its been great - although i must say, surreal too - seeing them here. Ive been out sightseeing which i have to post about later. Ive been to a fair few places, mainly the Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Tibidabo, the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter), La Ramblas, Port Velle, Casa Batllo and of course Barcelonetta Beach just to name a few. All these posts along with a couple from London are in the pipeline.

Tomorrow is my last day here. I have some shopping to do for souvenirs, take advantage of the sales and a last stint on the beach to absorb as much sun as i can - I've already gotten a slight tan in my short time here! The weather has been great, very mild, so its perfect for anything you want to do or wear!

Anyhoo, my coffee has gone cold and my foots asleep, time to walk it off and see what else is happening on this beach.


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