08 May 2011

How to get notified of airline open days

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If you read my last post on my almost Japan trip you will remember that i mentioned trying to rent a room in Tokyo through a website called Sakura-House. While browsing the site i came across several buildings i wouldn't mind renting a room in but not all the rooms were available and the room status could change from day to day as people already renting could move to another location without losing a months rent.

So what does all this have to do with helping you get notified about airline open days? Well, as it was becoming a time consuming task to check each buildings site to see if there had been changes (and even if there were any - did i notice?) i went in search of a little technical help.

ChangeDetection.com is one heck of a nifty site and it saved me a LOT of time and effort. It basically monitors a webpage you nominate and then emails you when there are changes and actually highlights whats changed! Brilliant! I used it to monitor the buildings and got notified when a room status had changed and i could easily tell which room it was.

You, however, can use this FREE service to keep tabs on your favourite airline. If the airline publishes updates of when and where it is holding open days you can get notified. If it publishes new jobs, you can get notified. If you need to login to see job opportunities - you cant get notified. But hey, its still a fantastic little tool. And you are sure to know as soon as something comes up so you can relax knowing that you wont miss an upcoming opportunity.

For example, say you wanted to keep an eye on the Emirates open day schedule all you would have to do is copy the URL of that page paste it into the changedetection.com website and provide your email address. Anything happens to that site and you'll get an email. Not too shabby huh?

Of course there are other tools and websites out there that can do the same thing for you, I'm just mentioning this one because i have used it (i have not been paid to review or recommend it). It might not be the best or it might, either way it does the job and i found it really useful. Try it for yourself.


Disclaimer: Please use at your own risk, if an opportunity is missed for any reason through using the changedetection.com site or similar VP & Globetrotter Postcards cannot be held accountable. It is recommended that you test out the features of such sites ensuring they give you correct results before relying on them.

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