27 February 2011

Oman Air

Hearing: Broken Strings - James Morrison


Oman Air - This airline doesnt offer much by way of cabin crew information - strike that - it doesnt offer any information at all! Flicking over to their website today i noticed that if a job is posted in the vacancy section it will provide some decent details but there were no jobs advertised for Cabin Crew. Everything else on their website is general info.

The PPrune thread i found is not great but its better than nothing. Also in an effort to give you guys some kind of information i contacted one Oman Air cabin crew with some questions in the hopes that i'll be able to share this information. If i get an answer i'll be sure to post an update so keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Anonymous8:14 pm

    I love the Oman uniform!
    But I don't think they have a lot lay-overs, have they?
    By the way, I still love your blog! I started to read it from the very begin last week and I got here allready LOL! You write nice and you tell interesting things! (I'm Laura from Belguim, the one who send an e-mail ;) x

  2. Hi Laura,
    Its always a pleasure to hear people like my blog - thankyou!

    Oman Air do have a nice uniform, i like that the veil is towards the back...less likely to get covered in your makeup that way!
    Judging by some things ive read online and their network i think that new crew mainly get turnarounds.
    But Oman Air are hiring now...http://careers.omanair.com/erecruit/guest/rmJobDetailedDisplay.do;jsessionid=02FEF987F5FA0931BE3360A27E57B51D?vacancyId=10662 - applications close 30th September 2012. Good to see they finally have some information on what they offer.