03 January 2011

Royal Jordanian

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Happy New Year Everyone!!

I hope everyone has had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. I wish you all a wonderful & exciting 2011. For all you cabin crew wannabes...i hope that 2011 is the year you land your dream job in the skies.

With that in mind...Welcome to the first post of 2011 - Royal Jordanian!

Based in Amman, Jordan and launched in 1963 as "Alia" it was later renamed Royal Jordanian, its network spans 53 detinations world-wide and it is a member of the OneWorld Airline Alliance. For aviation uniform lovers check out their uniform gallery.

On to the basics...

Location: You will be based in  Amman
Age: 18-30 years
     - 1356 USD monthly base salary
     - 850 USD per month flying allowance (though the website doesnt say if this is an average or how it is calculated)
Healthcare: Medical care + life insurance provided by company
Travel Discounts:Annual airline tickets for you and your family (though they do no specify the terms and conditions)

To apply, all you need to do is send your CV/Resume and a full body photo to Cabincrew@rj.com
Unfortunately that is all the information i could find on their official website.

Some other links that may be useful include:
  • PPrune Royal Jordanian thread
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It has been very difficult finding any cabin crew blogs, i dont know if the crew are just too busy flying to keep a blog or if Royal Jordanian has a problem with it or if my searching skills are just that bad....please let me know if you have come across any!


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